The Lady that Taps Your
Pain Away

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My Name is Isabelle and it will be my privilege to teach you that everything you want is possible.

You were guided to this website for a reason.
Something is missing in your life.
Either you are suffering or you feel unfulfilled or both.

  • Learn to neutralize your pain so you can live a fulfilling life.
  • Learn to quiet your fears and your doubts so you can achieve anything you desire.
  • Heal your past and allow yourself to live an abundant life.
  • Live your life on your own terms, without guilt, shame or regrets
  • Reprogram yourself for success with the tools that are right for you.
  • Know what are real self-confidence, self-respect and unconditional love.
  • Experience well-being and peace of mind.
  • Who is Isabelle H. R. Epstein? Let me tell you a little about me.
    I am both a student and a teacher.

    For more than 25 years now, I am studying healing modalities, from healthy nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, hypnosis, to energy healing and the natural laws of the Universe.

    I am an EFT practitioner and a law of attraction wealth practitioner.

    My purpose is to empower everyone I meet to become the person they yearn to be, and to really live and enjoy life to the fullest, without fear, pain, shame or regrets.